Riverina Milk

Coolamon Cheese Co take pride in using fresh milk from herds located in the pristine fresh paddocks found in abundance throughout the heart of the Riverina food bowl.

Our own milk comes from dairy herds 100% owned by Australian farmers, Neil & Simone Jolliffe who are located at nearby Currawarna on the lush banks of the Murrumbidgee River.

The location of the dairy herd is central to our ability to produce great hand-crafted cheese because it ensures the milk has a smooth and silky texture; a full-bodied flavour and an unmistakably rich mouth-feel. It is, of course, packed with natural goodness - largely because the Riverina region has a temperate climate with what is known as a flat “dairy curve”. This ensures the milk is not only of consistent quality but also ensures Coolamon Cheese Co can continue to produce an award-winning cheese.

Both Neil & Simone Jolliffe, grew up in dairy farming families before meeting and supplying milk from their own herds or some years, prior to supplying milk to us, at Coolamon Cheese Co, since our start-up, in 2016.

As we collect all our own milk from the Jolliffe’s farm, our relationship with them has allowed us to monitor the milk closely together, not only for better management of milk production but for the production of hand-crafted cheese as well.

We take pride in this link with the Neil and Simone because they are a traditional Australian dairy farming family. We believe that this partnership helps ensure the future of both businesses, for generations to come.

Once collected personally by our artisan cheese maker, the milk is pasteurised by us, so all that goodness is translated directly into our hand-crafted cheese. Importantly - throughout that milk collection process and the milk’s subsequent pasteurisation - many and varied tests are conducted. These include tests for bacteria and the milk’s content of proteins, fats, and lactose in each and every batch. Importantly the pH levels in the milk is examined too - as this is an important indicator of impurities, spoilage, and compositional change and then the finished milk product is reassessed for taste, textural properties, and functional performance.

We believe this careful monitoring and testing not only assures our customers of milk safety but is an assurance that our artisan cheese maker needs to ensure our customers will be supplied with a sublime tasting cheese of distinctive quality.

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