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Coolamon Cheese Company is located in the centre of the idyllic, country village of Coolamon in the heart of the Riverina, an area renowned for its abundance of high-quality produce, especially dairy products.

Founded by passionate and highly skilled artisan cheese makers and supported by the progressive local community and shire council, Coolamon Cheese Co creates an innovative range of handcrafted cheeses that are a sensual delight.

"The reward of time, patience and an artisanal approach, are cheeses with distinctive textures and stimulating aromas and taste profiles that linger on the palate” says Jen.

Award winning cheesemaker, Jennifer Nestor, is highly skilled in the art and science of crafting artisan cheeses, including the double brie style ‘D'Brie’, ‘The Rock’ - a blue vein cheese and ‘Belle Isle’ - a soft blue cheese as well as a range of Australian native flavours – cheeses made with ingredients sourced from indigenous producers.

Coolamon Cheese Co has also pioneered handcrafted lactose free cheeses - rare in that they are dairy based (just to make sure the lactose intolerant don’t miss out on the handcrafted taste).

Remarkable, internationally acclaimed cheese is a result of combining an almost sensual handcrafted process with the full-bodied and unmistakably rich mouth-feel of the milk, sourced from nearby farms in our lovely and pristine Riverina.

The instinctive handcrafter’s approach and single source ingredients are the foundation of the range and the traditional, yet progressive spirit of the local community make Coolamon Cheese Company unique.

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