Coolamon Region

Some marriages are, indeed, made in heaven. We are in love with our location in the small and traditional heritage village of Coolamon, nestled in the softly undulating hills of the very lovely Riverina district.

In stunning regional landscapes, the patchwork of colours created by fields of golden canola, green wheat and crops of both purple and white pea, explode in a kaleidoscope of colour that regularly renews itself with each season.

Renowned as an Australian food bowl of Australia, the Riverina area stands pristine and is the source of the finest award-winning and unique tasting milk, which we enthusiastically use as a basis for our hand-crafted cheese.

This is Wiradjuri country, with the first overseas settlers arriving in Coolamon in the 1850s – creating a very long farming tradition that produces not only some of Australia’s finest wheat, canola and barley but also Angus beef and lamb. In fact, it is the successful collaboration with our farmers in the area that undoubtedly allows us to produce our outstanding cheese products.

When all the crops sway in the breeze and sunshine - in a glorious juxtaposition with rich red clay soil – it is then we experience a refreshing calm that’s so very welcome in our busy lives.

Inevitably, this area became a stand-out inspiration for our brand identity - so much so that it gave us inspiration for some of our product names too.

Coolamon Cheese Co sits in this region, in a small shire (home to around 4,300 people in all), taking in Coolamon, Ganmain and Ardlethan, along with the smaller villages of Marrar, Matong and Beckom. While our shire boasts of 70 items listed as items of environmental heritage (as well as 7 declared heritage conservation areas), today, the population has become a melting pot of farmers, businesses, agri-tourism venues and academics from nearby Charles Sturt University. Families are drawn from outside the area too, all seeking the values and lifestyle of a more rural community.

Add to this melting pot all the creatives found in the nearby district hub of Wagga Wagga then we believe we have successfully achieved what we strive for in our product flavours. That is, the combination of two sprits – that of the traditional and the progressive.

Coolamon Cheese Co was created thanks to the local community and a very successful, partnership with Coolamon Shire Council. Together they have made Coolamon Cheese the very heartbeat of Coolamon itself.

We think you will find it well worth the trip to explore the region centred around what is called the CANOLA TRAIL. Its’ glorious scenery takes in the shires of Coolamon, Junee and Temora. So should you start longing for the fresh air and the open road, be sure that our lovely, quiet Riverina roads will provide you with a meandering, calming ride, in order to explore each village.

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