Coolamon Cheese Co Lactose Free Cheese - Tasting Notes

Our Master Cheese Maker, Jennifer Nestor, presents an artIsan range of Lactose Free milk-based cheeses range developed with a focus on texture and flavour development.

The range is created using our normal fermentation methods, which naturally produces the lactase enzyme, but with some careful modifications to our processes, we're able to produce amazing quality products, NATURALLY lactose free.
All our cheeses are made from Riverina Cows Milk and are crafted in a traditional method which means – Slow fermentation. The longer the fermentation the more complex flavours develop.
When you see complex in the flavour profile description, this is what this means.


Description: Semi Hard Blue vein cheese
Strength: Medium Strength
Texture: Slight Crumble, smooth, melts on the palate
Flavour Profiles: Galactose and Glucose add delicate sweetness
Mid Strength Roquefort mold adding mild buttery notes.
Rind Natural rind, varying seasonally.
Maturation time: 2 - 3 months, best eaten at room temperature

Description: Double Cream Blue vein cheese
Strength: Mild strength
Texture: Complex soft & Creamy, silky smooth
Flavour Profiles:   Decadent well balance & creamy.The mild strain of Roquefort mold adding buttery sweetness alongside The delicate sweetness of the glucose and galactose.
Rind: This cheese is waxed early to enable ripening and softening to occur throughout the maturating period.
Maturation time: 2- 3 months, best eaten at room temperature

Description: Double Cream Brie
Strength: Mild Strength
Texture: Soft, silky and Creamy
Flavour Profile: Complex with earthy, buttery notes. Sweetness from Galactose and Glucose add to the delicacy, with some mushroom flavours from the rind.
Rind: A combination of Penicillium Camemberti and Penicillium Geotrichum cultures form the familiar white fluffy rind associated with brie.
Maturation Time: 6-8 weeks, Best eaten at room temperature

Description: Persian Style Fetta
Strength: Very Mild
Texture: Silky smooth, soft and creamy
Flavour Profile: Traditional overnight lactic set forms the mildly acidic end flavour with smooth creamy textures complimented perfectly with a balance of saltiness and delicate sweetness.
Rind: Fresh Curd Cheese (no developed rind)
Maturation time:1 – 2 Weeks

Description: Haloumi
Strength: Very Mild
Texture: Squeeky, firm fresh) Crispy when fried, squeeky finish
Flavour Profile: Fresh and sweet, with a nutty salty finish. When cooked this cheese embraces its natural sweetness by developing crispy caramelized savory yumminess.
Rind: Fresh Curd Cheese (no developed rind)
Maturation time: 1 Week

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