Cows That "Lack Toes"

"Our lactose free-range is produced by an artisan cheesemaker, not a factory production line"

We discussed cheese with some younger people once (what else?), we were talking about our new Lactose-Free cheese range made from real dairy milk, with their parents. One of their teenage kids asked us if it was called that simply because the milk cows were special? Puzzled, we asked what he meant - to which he replied – well they must be special cows if they “lacked toes”!

lactose free cheese, artisan australian handmade cheeses lactose-free
(A selection of cheeses from our lactose-free cheese range)

Well, after we recovered from that pun - heavily groaning we might add - we talked some more about people who are sensitive to cheese, explaining that it contains lactose, a sugar that can’t be digested by lactose-intolerant people because their bodies lack the enzyme that breaks it down. In these cases, we said, too much lactose can lead to digestive problems including gas and bloating. There was some laughter from the teenagers about that – but it is not funny to those that suffer that intolerance, is it? Up to now, they have had few choices to find real dairy-based, lactose-free cheese, especially ones with that hand-crafted taste.

Fortunately for them, we have now taken our award-winning recipes and produced a lactose-free cheese range using milk that has been collected directly from the farm and pasteurised by us. That milk comes from 100 percent grass-fed animals which are proven to be the highest in nutrients.

haloumi coolamon cheese co. lactose-free handmade artisan australian cheeses
(Our lactose-free 'Cooloumi' cheese)

Our lactose free-range is produced by an artisan cheesemaker, not a factory production line. It is also made from real milk, not a milk substitute. The flavours are as stunning as our other cheeses. We know that because we have tested it on some of our lactose-intolerant customers – and even some who are not!

We can assure you we do not find our customers “lactose-intolerable” at all (we let that pun - another from our teenage group - go through to the keeper this time) but we did have empathy for them and find them fully appreciative of remarkable dairy cheeses.
Head to our 'cheese packs' section to buy the entire range today, have a taste and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! 
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