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Coolamon Cheese


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Is soft cheese your vice? Now you can enjoy soft cheese without all the unwanted symptoms normally associated with eating brie, haloumi, fetta and blue cheese.

Our Award winning handcrafted Lactose Free cheese range are made from rich full bodied Riverina milk.

This pack comprises of four cheeses lovingly crafted by our cheesemaking team led by Award winning cheese maker Jenn Nestor. Jenn has worked tirelessly for 18 months to create our lactose free cheeses with a focus on well balance flavour profiles.  

Receive between 170-200g of each small batch handcrafted Lactose Free Cheese.

The Entertainers Pack includes:

Lactose Free Dbl Brie

  • Gold Medal Winner at the 2020 NSW DIAA Awards. Class 80
  • Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 NSW DIAA Awards Class 29

This is a delicious smooth and silky double cream brie encased with a delicate bloomy white mould rind. The rich gooey centre creamy and rich with a sweet earthy finish on the palate.

Lactose Free Cooloumi

  • Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 NSW DIAA Awards Class 20
  • Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 NSW DIAA Awards Class 80

This amazing mild flavoured cheese is a delicious protein source alternative. Sweet nutty flavours develop during cooking and elevate this humble cheese into something very special.

Lactose Free Fetta

Our soft silky cows milk Persian style fetta is the perfect salad topper, if salads not your go try it on crusty bread.  The creamy flavour is complimented perfectly by the Native Mint Bush which is used to marinate this luscious cheese.

Lactose Free Soft Blue

This beauty is the best of both worlds.  The double cream gives this cheese its decadent gooey texture with the blue veins adding a subtle blue flavour.  Its sweet buttery flavour lingers, perfect on a cracker or your favourite bread. 

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