Why buy Lactose Free Cheese from Coolamon Cheese Co?

Let’s begin answering this question by saying that customers are buying our lactose-free cheese range because it is unquestionably and distinctively - delicious.

We might also add that this ”deliciousness” can be laid – reverently - at the door of our Master Cheesemaker, Jennifer Nestor. She worked tirelessly for 18 months to create our lactose free cheeses with a focus on well-balanced flavour profiles. This is, by no means, simple. To achieve this, Jennifer had to work with the initial curds much as she would normally do but - as lactose-free curd behaves differently to other types of curd - she also had to use instincts born of years of experience to hand-craft a product that is truly special.

Jennifer’s instinctive approach has led her to win Australian dairy industry awards, proving that her lactose free cheese is indeed, remarkable.

As our Master Cheesemaker, she continues to experiment and innovate - blending progressive and traditional methods to hand-craft sublime tasting cheese of all kinds. In fact, Jennifer’s Double Brie style cheese won a World Cheese Award in Italy in 2019. This affirmed our lactose-free Double Brie to be better than many other milk-based artisan cheeses even though we did not enter it in any special lactose-free category. Why did we do that? Well, by NOT telling the judges in Italy that it was from our uniquely lactose-free range, we hoped by submitting it as our normal Double Brie meant that we would get an unbiased, comparative opinion i.e. our lactose-free version against “normal” cheeses from around the world. We were delighted to succeed in this.

Coolamon Cheese Co happily committed to support Jennifer in pioneering lactose-free cheese for those who are lactose intolerant. This is a condition caused when a person has either ineffective lactase enzymes or no lactase enzymes at all in their body. Lactase is essential to the digestion of lactose; a “sugar” found in dairy milk so, regrettably, gut health concerns can arise for those with this condition. By adding a naturally occurring lactase enzyme to the cheese making, we found we could help more people to enjoy hand-crafted cheese made with the goodness of dairy milk.

We were also determined to offer lactose-free cheese in a range of styles as there are usually fewer options for the lactose intolerant.

For example, we have developed a range that includes Lactose-Free Double Brie, Lactose-Free Blue Vein, Lactose-Free Cooloumi and Lactose Free Feta.

No-one has to miss out. Adding a lactose-free premium cheese to your cheese board means everyone can enjoy the delights of hand-crafted cheese with a beautiful taste. We have always taken pride in using fresh milk from herds that graze in pristine fresh paddocks, deep in the heart of the Riverina food bowl. It comes from a single source – a farm where the milk is 100% Australian owned. So – naturally - we feel our lactose-free range just oozes Australian pride in its deliciousness.

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