All cheeses are handcrafted by Artisans using single source award winning cow’s milk from Euberta, goat’s milk from Narrandera

Our cheeses are inspired by varieties from around the world and incorporate a broad range of styles adapted for a local flavour. Our uniquely Australian taste comes from local grass and fields while pasteurising in our factory retains the creamy full flavour of our milks

Barry is renowned for his use of indigenous Australian ingredients which complement a range of traditional cheese styles

The Natives

Bush Tomato 

Alpine Pepper

Lemon Myrtle

River Mint

Hard Cheese

The Ganmain Mild

The Marrar Mature

The Matong Vintage

coming soon, still maturing...

Feeling Blue

The Rock


The Coolamon (Camembert Style)

De-Brie (Double Brie)

Softly Softly…


Riverina Silk