Australia’s first hand-crafted artisan lactose free cheese range, allowing the 12-15% of Australians who suffer from lactose intolerance, the ability to now enjoy cheese without discomfort.

18 months in the making, this new range showcases the brand’s ethos of combining innovation with the time-honoured craft of cheese making.

It heroes the single source New South Wales ingredients used in all their cheeses including the acclaimed local Riverina Milk and the ‘traditional yet progressive’ spirit of the local community which make Coolamon Cheese unique.

The lactose free range includes 5 cheeses – Blue Vein, Soft Blue, Double Brie, Fetta and Cooloumi – and is already scooping national awards at the 2020 NSW DIAA Dairy Awards - the lactose free Dbl Brie taking out a Gold & Silver medal, the lactose free Cooloumi taking out 2 Silver medals and the Blue vein also taking out a Silver.

Our handcrafted cheeses need careful handling to deliver them to you in pristine condition. When shipping our small-batch cheeses, they are packed in eco-friendly recycled wool insulated packaging. The insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable. Ice packs are also added to the shipment to ensure our cheese is delivered to you at the highest, artisanal quality.

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