When eating our lunch together, the Coolamon Cheese Team often meander into discussion on their plans for the weekend. We certainly have some friendly arguments about the places they like to take the family! Though the arguments about our favourite cheeses might not be as tame!

Coolamon, where we make the cheese, is a very pretty, little township indeed! (For those readers in the city – the population is about 2,200, nestled in the heart of the Riverina. Itself noted as a significant “food bowl” for Australia and beyond.)

None of us tire from seeing the broad sweep of canola in the paddocks when it comes into flower. The intensity of colour, against duck-egg blue skies, takes your breath away, it really does! Fresh, clean air sweeps across gentle folding hills and makes everyone feel good! The Riverina's natural assets help too. From National Parks  to our lakes and rivers – they not only provide a healthy, clean  place to live, of some considerable beauty, they add to the confidence in our fresh milk, sourced from a single farm nearby.

We also love Coolamon for its village feel and close community. While some bush towns are dying, Coolamon kicks on! We take some credit in that, as we provide locals with jobs that are sometimes scarce directly in the township. As we attract tourists to the town, we also feel good knowing this adds a vital lifeline to other small businesses here and in and about the region.

Hand making cheese in our happy place is a joy when you know how much it means to the community. People are always delighted to find us and taste THE CHEESE! We’ve won awards for it, but the team are often surprisingly shy about bragging about it – though they all want to take credit, of course!

  • Richard on

    Saw your page on Facebook.
    Used to live in Ganmain way back when I was in primary school, fondly remember trips in the old FJ to the Coolamon duck pond in the summertime and the shoping trips to Wagga, an ice cream at Coolamon on the way home.
    Well, time I came back, a nice couple of days out of Canberra, Wagga, Coolamon Cheese, Ganmain, GrongGrong, Matong, Junee licorice factory.
    Your cheeses sound delightful, can’t wait for our current trials and tribulations to pass, In the meantime I will try your mail order. A Ganmain Mild will be the way to go for starters.

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